Tanah Teduh
South Jakarta

Opened in 2012, Tanah Teduh is PTT Family’s first residential development – a beautiful estate in South Jakarta comprising 20 individual houses, a lake, a pool, a gym and a jogging track, all meticulously arranged on an undulating, two-hectare plot of land. We chose nine of Indonesia’s best contemporary architects and asked them to revolutionize urban living as we know it, creating homes that are innovative, stylish and luxurious in their simplicity as well as truly environmentally friendly. While referencing Indonesian architecture of the past the development is simultaneously synonymous with leading edge environmental design.





Tanah Teduh

Jl. Jati Padang Raya, Gg. Wahid No. 35
Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12540

P. +62 21 2931 5335




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